Somehow I always have good intentions to blog daily but then get busy…Our tour group was comprised of Danielle, Ron, Charlie, Alex, [Tony], Gloria, Ann, John, and myself. The nice thing about a small group that it creates. By the end of our welcome dinner, below, we were bonded! Everybody brings something to the table and that seems to always be the case with travel groups. After having called/emailed/texted with people for months, it was nice to have faces to put with the names and I am blessed and grateful to have been able to help them plan their travels. 

Other shots below: Abbey Road, a phone booth shot, and Wicked. London is an exciting place with tons to do, but the fast pace becomes exhausting and it’s nice to move on to Liverpool for a bit of a breather…

London Day 1/Saturday 

Dressed in yesterday’s clothes, fresh from being washed in the sink (haha), Tony (tour owner/host) and I headed out to get to know the area where the hotel is. 

First stop: famous Portobello Road Market. I’ve been to Porto Road but never on market day. It was incredibly crowded but also a lot of fun. The vendors were varied, from antiques to jewelry to interesting food (potato chips on a skewer and ginormous cast iron pans of paella. This area is lovely. There are many quaint English houses and the flowers are never ending. We separated and each did our own shopping before meeting back up at the bottom of the street. If not for the crowds making it difficult to see some things, I would have enjoyed staying all day. 

We had a quick lunch at busy Electric House Diner where we sat at the counter and watched the cooks. Remarkable how many orders they turned around in the time we were there. After watching them prepare a Philly Chili Cheese Dog, we both simultaneously said “That’s what I’m having.” Delicious!

A good day and a productive one. Tomorrow – more prep for the BeatleTour.

It’s 3:00am and I just received my suitcase. Yay for a change of clothes, makeup, hair straightener! 🤗

Twice in one week???

Is it actually possible to have your bag lost two times in one week? I checked my bags about half the time, and have not had a lost bag in over 20 years. Certainly my “luck” has changed since my bag made it as far as Stuttgart, Germany today where I had a 7+ hour layover. Had I known my bag wasn’t going to be loaded onto the flight to London, I might’ve spent that seven hours in a more productive manner, like tracking down and making sure my suitcase transferred. British Airways gave me a bag that included a very nice extra large men’s T-shirt, and a few toiletries. They assured me my bag will come on tomorrow night’s flight to London.

It’s a little inconvenient, but really not the end of the world.

Tomorrow: the world famous Portobello Road Market. I love this little road and it’s cute shops and I’m looking forward to visiting the market.

On to London by way of Germany

I’m not sure that it counts as going to Germany when I only sat in the Stuttgart airport. I’m pretty sure that it does not count. But still, I will have breathed air in three different countries by the time I go to bed tonight.

If spending money in an airport counts toward anything, though, then I’ve been to Germany. I treated myself to a nice lunch with poached salmon and an overpriced Coke Zero with no ice. I bought a piece of chocolate and a bottle of water. Add another gift shop in my terminal, I bought cough drops, mints, and a pen. The cough drops kind of some up how I’m feeling today. I’m not sure what’s going on with my throat but if I felt better tomorrow, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings. Then there was the little shop for the gals ask if they could straighten my hair with your magic straightener. I told them off the bat that I had no more euros and I was not looking to buy anything and if they still wanted to play with my hair, they were welcome to. They straightened my hair and told me this magic straightener was only €129. I told him I appreciated the opportunity and I would see how I like my hair and if I wanted to buy, I would be back. A quick check on Amazon to show that I could purchase the same thing for just under $40 and same day delivery. Sorry salesgirls, but I choose $40 over €129.

Spending such a long block of time in an airport is interesting. Honestly, my head and ears hurt from listening to German announcements and German conversations all day. Nobody here speaks English. I suspect when I go to my gate for the flight to London, the odds will be better. Even with the language barrier, and it is no different, really, then spending time at LAX. You see the same types of people. The frat boys grabbing beer before their flights. Mothers mwith worn out children trying to make the best of travel. Businessmen and women are headed home after a week of travel and making business calls while waiting for their flights. Those of us traveling alone have our eyes focused on electronics. I have walked the length of my terminal countless times and I am anxious to board my last flight. Maybe it will be like my flight from now I guess where I was asleep before they completed the boarding process.

I’m hoping for a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow: The world famous Portobello Road Market!

Malaga, Day 3

Today we made it to the museum and the large central market (everything you could want from fresh seafood to gigantic strawberries for about 40 cents a pound to the most beautiful cauliflower ever) before having a late lunch (salad, then  Cuban sandwich for me and trout for Sara) overlooking the palace…and Antonio Banderas’s penthouse Málaga home. 

I have a 6:30am taxi scheduled, so won’t take much time here. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words…(and they seem to be loading in the order they want):

Malaga, Day 2

I’ve adjusted well to the time. By “well” I mean that last night I went to sleep by 3:00am and slept a solid 3 hours before waking at 6:00 and laying there for an hour or two before falling back asleep until 11:00. I felt guilty for sleeping, but remind myself I’m still adjusting, and also on vacation, so relieved myself of guilt early on.

We walked a LOT today, like yesterday. It’s an easy city to get around and there are so many beautiful buildings to see.

Things we were in search of today: hamburger, ice cream, postcard stamps, museums. We found all, but the museum we wanted to visit was closing in 45 minutes, so we decided to save it for tomorrow.

By the way, ice cream here is amazing. Why is that? I had what was essentially a coffee float. Cold coffee with a scoop of Turron (almond) ice cream.  They also make these with fresh whipped cream instead of ice cream. I’m pretty sure we need to go back tomorrow and try that…just for comparison, I mean. Seems it would be the right thing for a travel consultant to do, right?

Several restaurants advertise roast suckling pig – a delicacy I have had in Madrid, but not here.

Tomorrow is my last day in Málaga. I already know I need to come back!

PS – we went to a market around the corner from Sara’s house. Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Some gorgeous zucchini for .75/kilo (2.2 pounds). Imagine fresh veggies for about 35 cents a pound!

Malaga, day 1

Clothed in my friend’s donations (haha), no make-up, and frizzy out of control hair, Sara and I ventured out to see the city. Sara has lived in Malaga for about three months and has a good handle on the Spanish language, as well as some local friends.

First up – not far from her home sits Pablo Picasso. Of course, a photo op for sure!

From there, a walk through beautiful gardens that house thousands of wild parakeets. The lovely fountains, foliage, and flowers were a treat to see.

Moving on toward the beach, we enjoyed a beach-side lunch where popular chiringuitos are set up. These small fish are on spears and cooked over an open flame. We shared a seafood platter that was delicious, but too much grease to want to repeat it!

After waiting on a bus that never appeared, we took a 5 Euro taxi up the hill to enjoy a beautiful view of the city, including the areas we had walked around earlier that day. It was a little foggy, but still easy to see what a beautiful place this is.

Coffee is big here (thankfully!) and Sara picked up this postcard for fun. It helps you know how to order your coffee with the coffee/milk ratios. I’m a Mitad/Semi-Largo fan. You?

In other news…my suitcase was located and put on the Tuesday flight from Paris (1 flight per day, apparently) and delivered about 10:30pm Tuesday night. After being reunited, we decided it was time for a very late dinner of chicken gyros from a place in Plaza Merced. Delicious!! In hindsight, we are trying to decide if they were really that good, or if we were just starving. I’m choosing to stick with delicious.

A very late (2-3:00am) bedtime after a fun day means sleeping in on Wednesday!


21 hours of travel on Sunday/Monday landed me in Málaga late Monday afternoon. About half of us on the Paris-Málaga flight were missing checked bags. My friend, Sara, waited outside the secure area while I filed a report with a description. Later I received a standard email asking for details on everything I had in the suitcase. They’ve got to be kidding. 🙄 I’ll attempt that Tuesday if they can’t locate the bag and I need to actually start replacing items using the travel insurance policy I carry for emergencies.

After changing into some of my friend’s clothes, we ventured out to have dinner and enjoy walking around her city. Málaga is a fantastic city, dating back 2800 years. There are Roman ruins and a palace just down the street from my friend’s house. I can already tell I will need to come back and bring Terry who would love the history.

Last week before Easter, the city had processions with different churches carrying symbolic through the city. We got to see several. This tradition has gone on for 5 centuries and really something to see.

The Málaga Cathedral, dubbed the One Armed Lady because they did. It finish her other “arm.”

One of the many processional thrones carried through the streets of Málaga last week. These can weigh thousands of pounds. 

Palace walls. We will take an elevator to the top and slowly walk downhill. 

Tapas, round 1. Didn’t photograph round 2 but hit the jackpot and found a delicious hole in the wall. These were croquettes and eggplant with a honey glaze. 

My favorite thing about Europe is the abundance of fresh flowers. This was about 6′ tall. 

Packing would be a good idea.

For a couple of months now, I have been planning my next trip to the U.K. to help host a Beatles Pilgrimage Tour ( It takes a lot of work to put together on the back end, so going to London and Liverpool for the tour is a culmination of many calls/emails between us [tour owner/myself] and the Beatles Fans who will be attending. Yes, it’s WORK, but it’s also a lot of fun to see the effort pay off. Plus it makes for a really fun time! We have a small group going this April and I have been fortunate enough to have been in contact with each of them, helping arrange other travel plans and walking them through some of the travel logistics. Have I mentioned that I have the best jobs in the world?!

“On my way” to the U.K., I am heading to Malaga, Spain to visit my oldest childhood friend who moved there earlier this year. I am looking forward to cafe con leche, museums, but mostly time to explore my friend’s new home. How cool that she chose SPAIN as a spot to retire, right?! (And even more cool that she has a guest room and has invited people to come visit!)

I leave in 39 hours.

Getting serious about packing would be a very good idea.

My travel blog. Where do I wanna go next…