This morning our group gathered at the Dublin airport and headed west toward Galway. (I always think of of this song when I think about Galway.) This trip is a “FAM” (familiarization) trip where we are learning about what the area has to offer. We will primarily be touring hotels this week which is always fun to think about what property will best suit certain clients. We also had an enjoyable visit of the Celtic Crystal shop where we watched Sean, an expert crystal cutter of 38 years, create a lovely candy dish in front of our eyes. It’s remarkable the talent that some people have! We then worked our way to Abbeyglen Castle, a 200~ year old castle, where we had a lovely dinner and are staying the night. Our group is made up of 25 travel advisors coming from all over the US, and one from Canada. It’s always interesting to learn from others. Now, on to more important matters.

Ireland is comprised of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, although you may cross between the two without necessarily noticing. Ireland was first known by the Vikings as the “Isle of the Woods” and then “Westland Isle”, although I recenty heard a local refer to it as “God’s own country” and he’s not wrong! Ireland is about 1/9th the size of Texas, making it an easy island to cover a lot of ground while on vacation.

Ireland is home to 30,000 castles, give or take a few hundred, although many are in ruins. Still, history runs deep and is fascinating.

Approximately 40 million people trace theirancestry back to Ireland, self included (6%), and I find it to be filled with proud, hard working, and friendly people.

We are off to a great start and as the Irish might say, “We are here hoping for a bit of craic!



The Emerald Isle

I love to blog. And yet, I get busy. Then we had a worldwide issue that quietened travel for a couple of years. But guess what? TRAVEL IS BACK! Yes, I meant to yell. 🙂

I have done a fair amount of travel in 2022 and seen a transition from required Covid vaccine + negative test and masking on planes to full freedom in travel [to most places]. Flights I have been on in the last couple of months have been completely full. It’s an exciting time for travel.

What’s next for me? A week from now, I am boarding a plane headed to Ireland! I will have the opportunity to tour a half dozen hotels and am excited to see new options for my clients.

I will be posting my travels on my Facebook page. Come follow along!

Until next time…take good care.


There are so many interesting places to visit. My eyes see a beautiful photo and I immediately think to myself, “I have GOT to go there!” And sometimes you find a super low priced air ticket to Florence, so you grab a friend and spend a week in Italy! That was my recent experience. I’ve visited Florence before, but the city is so lovely that it was most definitely worth another look. (I already know I shall return yet again.)

We based ourselves in an apartment in Florence for a week. Less than a 5 minute walk and we were on the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge, a medieval arch bridge over the Arno River. Florence is a very walkable city and if you stay centrally located, you can walk anywhere in about 15 minutes. Florence is home to Michelangelo’s masterpiece, David, which is awe inspiring. The Uffizi Gallery is another site to not miss. The sculptures, paintings, architecture are fabulous and will leave you mentally exhausted after taking them all in. Food in Florence is unbelievable. Italians know how to cook and love seeing you enjoy their dishes. It’s not uncommon for restaurants to be family operated for generations. A cooking class will teach you much about how to create simple and flavorful dishes.

From Florence, it’s easy to enjoy a high speed train ride to Rome. The Colosseum and Vatican are highlights, but there are many others as well.

Have you been dreaming about Italy? I have been…and would love to customize a vacation experience for you.

River Cruise Life

After just spending a week on the Riviera River Cruise’s MS William Shakespeare, I can say I’m sold on this type of travel!

A bit about the basics:

Cruise cabins are similar in size to an ocean cruiseliner’s cabin, with I believe the exception of larger bathrooms. This shower was spacious and tiled, very different from my last cruise showers that were about the size of 1.5 human beings. Quality toiletries were a nice addition, as were the full size hair dryer, thick towels, and plush bathrobe.

The dining room holds all passengers (140) at once, though can fill up quickly and if you want your own table, it’s best to arrive early at any meal. A sample menu only touches at the food we experienced all week. Everything was top notch and delicious. One night I had the salmon (available nightly) and it was outstanding. Fresh baguettes and croissants daily, along with the plentiful burre (butter) were wonderful for my tastebuds but did me no favors on the scale. 🙄 Speaking of French butter, I took home a pound and am already dreaming of the best ways to enjoy it. I think perhaps with a baguette and served with beouf bourguignon with the family invited over.

Each port included a tour of some type, whether a walking tour through the city with our tour host or a local guide, or a coach trip out of town to see a UNESCO historical site such as Pont du Gard.

Entertainment on a river cruise may vary from short lectures about the sites you will see the next day, a “name that tune” type contest, or just sitting in the lounge enjoying the live music and sipping a bar beverage or a tea/coffee, available 24/7.

With a smaller passenger load (140 on ours, and a crew of 35), the experience is personal. You will quickly recognize the other cruisers when you are walking through town, and will end the trip feeling like you have made new friends. The crew will quickly learn your preferences and do their best to meet every need.

This is not a cruise experience for those who want to be on the go constantly. It’s a time to relax and take in the scenery and culture. Without dealing with the thousands of people on large cruise ships these days, you get the best of both worlds in travel.

Want to talk about river cruise options for your own travels? I’m ready when you are!

Tournon to Viviers

We awoke this morning in Tournon, had breakfast and loaded tour buses to see the Ardeche Gorges and lavender fields before meeting up with the ship again in Viviers. The stop at the lavender fields was wonderful and we enjoyed lavender lemonade and ice cream and some shopping. A special dinner tonight on the Lido Deck (no extra charge, but reservations required) was fun to experience. Most of us chose sea bass and it was delicious. Foie gras, goat cheese, French onion soup…delicious!

Vienne and Tournon

We started our day in Vienne and enjoyed a tour of the city, as well as a little train trip up the hill to see an overview of this beautiful city. It has a lot of Roman ruins that are still in surprisingly good condition. After a delicious lunch of beef bourguignon, I had a massage onboard the ship, which led to a nap and watching a movie in the cabin while watching the beautiful scenery. We arrived to Tournon around 7:30 pm and opted to skip dinner and go into town. Most shops were closed but we found a lovely crepe restaurant and feasted on crepes for dinner.

Day 5: Beaune

This morning we awoke in Chalon-sur-Saône, the gateway to Burgundy. We departed from the ship on coaches and see the tiny villages of Meursault, Volnay, and Pommard; all well known for producing fine wines.

Nearby is medieval Beaune, Burgundy’s wine capital, where we enjoyed free time to explore. We will also learned more about the Burgundy Wines during a tour and tasting at a local winery. We then returned to the ship for a late lunch. This afternoon we continued our cruise towards Vienne.

Although I intended to NOT really shop, it’s inevitable to pick up some things that remind me of people back home. Today included a chocolate shop and some little girls who call me “Oma” came to mind as we breathed the heavenly aroma.

Day 4: Leaving Lyon

After breakfast, we boarded coaches for the centre of Lyon, France. We enjoyed a guided tour of this fascinating city, with a wealth of Renaissance buildings, rich churches and one of Europe’s most splendid town squares. During lunch back on board, we began our cruise upstream toward Beaune on the Saone where we caught our first glimpse of the Beaujolais hills and passed through picturesque villages in one of the world’s most famous wine-producing regions. The wine drinkers on board are enjoying special pairings with each meal and they say it is delicious. I stick to Coke Light. We have gone through three locks so far and they are interesting to watch.

Photos are not uploading so I’m giving up and calling it a night!


We walked to the mooring point at noon today, about a mile along the Rhône. The weather was perfect and we were in no hurry so strolled along at leisure. We were able to drop our luggage off and continue our journey to find lunch (French onion soup!) and shop a bit. Our river boat is the MS William Shakespeare (Riviera River Cruises) and it was built in 2014. The ship holds 140 passengers and a crew of 35. It makes for an intimate cruise, which is refreshing since I have only been on ocean cruises with 3000+ passengers. Our cabin is a French Balcony which means we have a large sliding door and panoramic view. It’s truly lovely! The crew are friendly and eager to please. This is the first cruise of this itinerary for the 2019 season and I am proud to be experiencing it, along with my dear friend, Sharon. Tomorrow we enjoy a walking tour of Lyon before we depart in the afternoon and head south. (And no, I didn’t purchase a single macaroon, but they were so beautiful they had to be photographed!)

(Internet is spotty with so many people trying to access it tonight, but hopefully a few photos will upload.)

Hey Wanna Go…to France?

Day 1-2: Albuquerque to Lyon

Uneventful travel days, thankfully! I flew Albuquerque – Chicago – Munich – Lyon. I had two seats together for the long haul and was able to stretch out and get some decent sleep. This was my first time flying Lufthansa and it was a nice experience. I arrived in Lyon and took the pre-arranged private transfer to the hotel (about a 20-25 minute ride) where my friend, Sharon, had arrived a couple of hours earlier. Tomorrow late afternoon we board the MS William Shakespeare for our 7 night cruise down the Rhone River. We can’t wait!

A few random pix taken from my flight into Lyon…plus my latest Hey Wanna Go swag of a stainless steel water bottle that kept my lemon water cold AND did not leak!

My travel blog. Where do I wanna go next…